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Who To Read On China’s Economy?

Posted in China Business, Good People

I did a post yesterday touting a podcast by Jing Ulrich on China’s economy.  In that post, I referred to Ms. Ulrich as belonging “on the very short list of those discussing China’s economy who actually know whereof they speak.”  In response to that, I received the following comment from “Michael RightSite”: Hi Dan, Since… Continue Reading

China Wage Increases. Slowing Just A Bit.

Posted in China Business

Tom Orlick of the Wall Street Journal has an article entitled, “Exporters’ Gain Is Workers’ Loss in China’s Labor,” [link no longer exists] focusing on China wage rates. Though wages are definitely still rising, they are rising at 9% to 15%, not the 20% to 30% many had predicted. Orlick describes these lower than expected… Continue Reading