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Who To Copy In China, Part I. Starbucks.

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Lawyers copy.  Let me expound on that.  Lawyers proudly copy.  If I am writing a joint venture agreement on a coal mine in Western China, the first thing I will do is send out an email to everyone in my office asking for our most recent China joint venture agreements, preferably involving a mining operation,… Continue Reading

Where To Locate Your China Retail. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee. Literally?

Posted in China Business

For many years here in Seattle, a newish/smallish coffee chain called Seattle’s Best Coffee (SBC) was said to choose its locations based on Starbucks.  Supposedly (and I do think this was the case), SBC figured that Starbucks was so successful and so stacked with smart location-choosing people, that SBC’s best location-choosing strategy would be to… Continue Reading

China Trademark Law: Simple And Effective

Posted in Legal News

Earlier this year, I wrote an article for the Alaska Bar Magazine [link no longer exists] on China’s trademark laws, mostly extolling how necessary it is to secure such a trademark and how relatively simple it is. Nothing much in the article that we have not been saying here since our inception, but since it… Continue Reading

China IP Protection — A Seoul Perspective

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There is an assumption out there that China’s legal deck is completely stacked against Western companies.  China bad.  South Korea good. Starbucks just proved it is not that simple. I have handled at least 100 legal matters in Korea and in many ways I find its commercial legal system more nationalistic than China’s.  Korea’s laws… Continue Reading

Bank On China’s Home Grown Consumers Rising

Posted in China Business

The Street.com did a story on the increasing growth of Chinese consumerism.  The article talks about how China’s growing middle class is translating into a growing customer base and then goes on to recommend the following stocks for those wishing to take advantage of Chinese consumer growth: Starbucks (SBUX) Wal Mart (WMT) Yum! Brands (YUM)… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Intellectual Property in China — The Starbucks Perspective

Posted in Legal News

This is the third of my posts on the United State’s Patent and Trademark Office’s recently completed two-day conference on “Protecting Your Intellectual Property In China and The Global Marketplace”  The first,”Nike On China IP Protection:  Just Do It With Green Tea,” was based on a speech by Kevin R. Brown, Nike’s Director of Global… Continue Reading

My Tentative China/Asian Itinerary — Let’s Meet!

Posted in China Travel

On Wednesday, July 26, I will be taking off on my bi-monthly Asian trip.  As is nearly always the case, I will be spending my first night in Seoul, Korea.  I leave Seoul, on Friday, July 28, for Shanghai, where I will stay until Sunday evening, July 30.  I then fly to Qingdao where I… Continue Reading

The Motley Fool Is Foolish On China

Posted in Internet, Legal News

The Motley Fool, a hugely popular investment advice site, recently did an article on Home Depot’s planned expansion into China, entitled, “Home Depot Sells Fine China.”  The article talks about how Home Depot is looking to buy a 49% stake in Orient Home, a leading do-it-yourself China retailer. The article correctly notes that for big… Continue Reading