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Chinese Buying Up America. Yeah, That’s The Story.

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“The Chinese will save Detroit.” “Toledo is booming, thanks to Chinese investors.” “Half of LA/Orange County/fill in the SoCal City will be Chinese within ten years.” I have heard all the above recently and I don’t buy a word of it.  I thought about these comments today when reading a Slate Magazine article, entitled, “How… Continue Reading

Ubiquitous China. The Pentwater/Ludington/Muskegon Edition.

Posted in China Business

Many years ago, a friend of mine came to me with a plan to start a blog on how China impacts American lives, both knowingly and, more often, unknowingly. His blog would discuss China’s influence on American politics, economics, culture, food, media, etc. I liked the idea and suggested he name his blog “Ubiquitous China.”… Continue Reading

Landed China: How To Buy Real Estate In China.

Posted in China Business, Recommended Reading

Just finished reading/skimming the book, Landed China by Christopher Dillon and I quite like it.  Landed China is a guide to buying real property in China. It is clearly written, yet comprehensive and bursting with detail. Dillon has written similar books on real property in Japan and in Hong Kong and he just flat out… Continue Reading

A Jing Ulrich Podcast On China’s Economy

Posted in Recommended Reading

On the recommendation of a loyal reader, I just listened to Jing Ulrich talk about China’s economy over at China Money Podcast.  Ms. Ulrich heads up Global Markets at J.P. Morgan and I definitely put her on the very short list of those discussing China’s economy who actually know whereof they speak. If you want… Continue Reading

China Real Estate. Is It Different This Time?

Posted in China Business

I had dinner last night with two Chinese from Nanjing and two Americans.  The two Americans are both fluent in Chinese and have each spent well over a decade living and doing business in China.  The same is true of the two Chinese.  I greatly respect all four of these people. The topic of China… Continue Reading

The Impacts Of China’s Real Estate Crash. A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall.

Posted in China Business

This is part II of a series of an occasional series of posts we will be running here on what our lead China lawyer, Steve Dickinson, is seeing of China’s real estate market, based on his living “on the ground” in Qingdao. Here it is: By: Steve Dickinson There are two types of real estate… Continue Reading

China Housing Prices. Everything Is Relative.

Posted in China Business, Internet

Got the above graph from a China Tells post, entitled, “A Comparison between China and US housing Prices.”  The post seems to make the argument that housing prices in China are not so high, especially when we compare them with those in the United States: Is China’s housing price expensive? Depends. Expensive is always a… Continue Reading

China Real Estate: The Bubble Will Pop.

Posted in Recommended Reading

Can you read this post by Patrick Chovanec, entitled, “Reference Points on China Real Estate,” and still insist China real estate (at least in its biggest wealthiest cities) is not one massive bubble that will have to eventually resoundingly pop? I couldn’t. UPDATE: I just started a discussion on this topic over at the Linkedin… Continue Reading

Chinese Real Property: To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question.

Posted in China Business

BizCult blog has a rather rah-rah post on why we should all be buying residential property in Beijing, essentially right now. The post is entitled, “If Not Now, Buy Property Sometime Soon,” and it is based on a talk by Feng Lun, of Beijing Vantone Real Estate, at the recently completed Asia Society’s 18th Asian… Continue Reading

Playing The China Blame Game

Posted in China Business

As an attorney in China, I am often called in to fix things that have gone wrong on a contract between a Chinese business and a foreign company. The style for dealing with problems in China is much different than in the United States. To succeed in China, all foreigners need to learn the Chinese… Continue Reading

Real Estate Investments in China Seminar

Posted in Events

The American Conference Institute is hosting a two-day conference on “Real Estate Investments in China,” [link no longer exists] from May 3-4, 2007 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, in San Francisco, California. Both CLB co-blogger Steve Dickinson and I will be speaking there and I would urge anyone with an interest in Chinese real estate… Continue Reading

China Restricts Foreign Real Estate Investment

Posted in Internet, Legal News

It’s finally official: China today announced new laws restricting foreign real estate investment. The Wall Street Journal, in its article, “China Restricts Foreign Spending on Real Estate,” says the new rules will “reduce the amount big foreign property buyers can borrow by requiring them to provide at least 50% of the capital up front for… Continue Reading

China Real Estate Is Real Hot

Posted in China Business

China real estate prices cooled a bit in Shanghai and a few other Chinese cities last year in reaction to new laws seeking to curb speculation.  But Chinese real estate is hot again. Reuters just ran an article, entitled, “China Emerges As New Frontier for Property Buyers,” on how “China’s top-tier cities like Beijing and… Continue Reading

China Is Booming — Morgan Stanley Going There for Real Estate Growth (Along With Just About Everyone Else)

Posted in China Business

In an article entitled, “Morgan Stanley to Triple Investment in China Property This Year,” Bloomberg News reports that investment banking company Morgan Stanley will be tripling its investment in Chinese real estate this year by adding $3 billion to its China real estate portfolio. Jeff Yau, an analyst out of Kim Eng Securities‘ Hong Kong… Continue Reading

The Chinese are Coming — China FDI

Posted in China Business

With the exception of the Wall Street Journal, the English language press is not giving enough coverage to China’s increasing liberalization of outbound foreign investment. Massive Chinese overseas investment is coming and those ready for it will profit. For the last year or so, the Chinese government has been increasingly talking about ramping up outbound… Continue Reading