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Ten Must-Dos For Successful China Product Manufacturing

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

A reader directed me to an excellent article in Material Handling & Logistics Magazine, setting out the basics for succeeding at outsourcing product manufacturing to China.  The article is by Michael Zakkour of Technomic and it is called The Ten Rules for Contract Manufacturing in China. The article starts out by noting that “there are three… Continue Reading

Payment Fraud In China. This Season’s Edition.

Posted in China Business

It’s become somewhat of a December tradition to write about China payment scams in December because history shows this is the biggest month for those.  Last December, it was Ancient China Business Scam. Back With A Vengeance This Season.  This year, I asked my co-blogger, Steve Dickinson, to report on what he is seeing and hearing on… Continue Reading

China OEM Manufacturing Agreements. What Should Go In Your Term Sheet?

Posted in Legal News

We generally think the best way for us to draft China OEM Agreements is for our clients to reach oral or “term sheet” agreement wtih their Chinese manufacturer and then come back to us with the tersm. We then draft the OEM contract based on those terms (and many more) and our client then presents… Continue Reading

Drafting A China Manufacturing Agreement. Watching The Sausage Get Made.

Posted in China Business, Legal News

I love it when a blog post just lands in my lap, and one just did. It is a couple of emails from two of my firm’s lawyers to two different clients, both of whom recently retained us to draft OEM Agreements for production of product by factories in China. Both clients are in the… Continue Reading

China OEM Agreements. Ten Things To Consider.

Posted in Legal News

Yesterday, our post of a slightly revised email on China’s employment law from Steve to one of our clients was a hit in that we received emails thanking us for having run it. So today, we are going to run another Steve to client email on an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) agreement we drafted, first… Continue Reading