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China Conferences In November And December

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What with we lawyers needing to complete our Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits before the end of the year, my November and December are jam-packed with speaking engagements.  In the hope that some of our readers will be able to attend one or more of these events, I will briefly set them out here now… Continue Reading

Protecting Your China IP. Me Thinks Thou Dost Worry Too Much.

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Okay, so the title is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is true, at least to a certain extent.  I just read two articles that got me to thinking about this. The first article, “The footwear firm that gave counterfeiters the boot,” is by BBC reporter Kim Gittleson. Ms Gittleson extensively interviewed me for… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights In China. A Very Practical Guide.

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Client just sent me a link to a United States Government internet “brochure” on “Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights in China” [link no longer exists] along with a note saying “this is what you are always saying.” It is what I am always saying, and though this information appears to be about ten years old,… Continue Reading

China As Intellectual Property Powerhouse? Someday. Maybe.

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CNN China correspondent Lara Farrar, just wrote an excellent story on China’s efforts to boost its intellectual property protection so as to better enable it to become an innovation-based economy. The article is entitled, “Keeping things safe: China aims to boost its intellectual property rights,” and it nicely highlights Beijing’s increasing emphasis on IP and… Continue Reading

How To Protect Your China IP.

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Danny Friedmann of IP Dragon wrote a great post entitled, “How to prevent and act upon intellectual property rights infringements in China” that very nicely (and succinctly) sets out exactly how to accomplish that.  Friedmann states that intellectual property infringement is prevalent in China “and a challenge for every company in every industry” but those companies… Continue Reading

Protecting Intellectual Property In China. The Bibliography.

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Robert Hu, a law librarian/professor at St. Mary’s University School of Law just came out with a China IP bibliography, entitled, Protecting Intellectual Property in China: A Selective Bibliography and Resource for Research. That long title is the academic way of saying a really helpful list of sources on China IP.

Protecting Your IP In China — The Basics.

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Stan Abrams over at China Hearsay is (or will be?) speaking on China intellectual property at an IP conference for SMEs in the Netherlands and he has mapped out on his blog what he is going to say. And here it is: 1. Register your IP as early as possible. 2. Don’t sacrifice IP protection… Continue Reading

Protecting Your IP In China — The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

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Just came across a great article on protecting your IP in China. It is by Godfrey Firth, who is with the Business Advisory Services at the US-China Business Council in Shanghai and it is entitled, “The best offense is a good defense—and vice versa.” [link no longer exists The article outlines virtually all of the basic… Continue Reading

Free Seminar On Protecting Your China IP

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A reader from Seattle alerted us to an upcoming two-day, free program on China IP, to be put on by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Entitled, “Protecting Your Intellectual Property in China and the Global Marketplace,” this program will be on Wednesday and Thursday, July 12-13, 2006, at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle,… Continue Reading