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Doing Business In China: Just Released Global Competitiveness Ranking Says It’s Pretty Good.

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I was interviewed by a reporter yesterday who is doing a story on legal pitfalls for companies doing business in China. I listed out some of the more common ones that American companies in China encounter, including the following: Not realizing beforehand that what they are seeking to do in China is illegal for foreign… Continue Reading

Hiring “Independent Contractors” In China. Don’t Do It.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, China Business, Legal News

We spoke with a software company the other day that has nearly fifteen “independent contractors” in China, who it views as “part of the corporate family.”  This company was contacting us to see about forming a WFOE in China.  They told me that they were not in any rush. The first thing I did was… Continue Reading

Protecting Your IP In China With An Injunction. Yeah, That’s The Ticket.

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I am always getting emails from people seeking free advice on what jurisdiction/law they should put in their China contract.  My answer is always the same: I have no idea.  The reason I never have any idea of what to put in someone else’s contract is because the answer always varies based on multiple facts…. Continue Reading

A Legal Checklist For China Business

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Lawyers love checklist and China lawyers are, of course, no exception. Me, I love clients, not only because they are the lifeblood of my law firm and thus my livelihood, but also because they so often are the ones who stimulate the ideas for this blog. I just spoke with a client who asked me… Continue Reading

James McGregor’s China Tips

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Long ago, The Wall Street Journal reviewed James McGregor’s book, One Billion Customers.  The review had a sidebar, entitled, “Crib Sheet,” listing various tips from the book, including the following: The Chinese will ask you for anything because you just may be stupid enough to agree to it.  Many are. Avoid joint ventures with government… Continue Reading