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Homosexuality In China

Posted in Good People

With the recent US Supreme Court decision in United States v. Windsor, holding the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, the writing is pretty much on the wall that gay marriage will be legal in all or most of the United States within five to ten years. But what about China? How does China view gays and… Continue Reading

Will The Last Expat In China Please Turn Off The Lights?

Posted in Recommended Reading

Every few months I read a post that beautifully encapsulates and sums up a festering hot button China issue.  I read such a post today on the Richard Burger’s Peking Duck blog.  Burger himself describes his post (on Facebook) as “A bit of a hodgepodge of a post, but the topic of Westerners’ losing their… Continue Reading

Why China Will Never Rule The World. China Through Some Really Dark Glasses.

Posted in China Business, Recommended Reading

I just finished reading Troy Parfitt’s book, Why China Will Never Rule the World, and as I always do when I finish a China book, I read other reviews before writing my own  And as Peking Duck has done previously, he has convinced me not to really bother. Here’s the problem. I realize that no… Continue Reading

China’s Chocolate Fortunes. Doubly Good. Done Right.

Posted in China Business

Every few weeks some publisher emails me and asks me if I want a book on China to review and every few weeks I say yes, in a vain attempt to trump Milton Friedman. I read maybe half the books I receive (virtually always on an airplane), like probably 75% of them, and tend to… Continue Reading

Thinking China Bloggers And More

Posted in Recommended Reading

Just learned David Wolf at Silicon Hutong “tagged” China Law Blog as one of five “Thinking Bloggers.”  In turn, we are supposed to tag five more thinking blogs.  Silicon Hutong begs to be re-tagged so he can name five more.  I have analyzed the rules, checked the precedent, and found countless loopholes, so here goes…. Continue Reading

China Unvarnished — The Bad And The Badder

Posted in Recommended Reading

Excellent post over at the constistenly enlightening Peking Duck blog regarding BBC correspondent, Rupert Wingfield Hayes’ leaving China after eight years.  The post and the article on which it is based both focus on China’s problems typically not visible to those who come to China for business or for tourism. The post, the article, and… Continue Reading

John Pomfret’s Chinese Lessons — LOVED IT!

Posted in Recommended Reading

I just finished John Pomfret’s recently published book, Chinese Lessons: Five Classmates and the Story of a New China.  Though it is going to sound like a newspaper movie ad, I cannot resist quoting the tag lines from the five people who reviewed this book (so far) for Amazon, all of whom gave it five… Continue Reading