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China WFOE Formation. The Minimum Capital Requirements.

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A quasi-fascinating email just crossed my desk regarding the minimum capital requirements required for WFOE formation in China. I was cc’ed on this email from one of my firm’s lawyers to another, musing about the minimum capital required for a company that would be profitable from day one, based on payments from its parent company:… Continue Reading

Five Things To Consider In Forming Your China Company. Plus The Most Important One Of All.

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Very helpful post over at the always helpful International Business Law Advisor Blog.  The post is appropriately entitled, The 5 Key Factors You Must Consider When Establishing a Foreign Corporation [link no longer exists] and it lists out the following: Decide on Corporate Form:  The post talks of determining the right corporate form for the country in… Continue Reading

China WFOE Formation And China’s Minimum Registered Capital. How Low Can You Go?

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Forming a company in China. It makes my blood boil because, quite frankly, there are a number of consultants out there who are essentially lying to their clients about what it takes to form a company in China. They make it sound easy and cheap and so when one of my law firm’s China lawyers… Continue Reading

China Company Formation Law Is Clear — WFOEs Are Easy

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Around 25% of my law firm’s China legal work is done with US or European attorneys, and a good chunk of that work is helping them help their own clients form a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE) in China. The law firms that retain us do not have their own lawyers in China but because… Continue Reading

The Basics Of Getting Your Business Into China By WFOE/WOFE

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Great post over at DiligenceChina, entitled, “China Business Entry: Business Registration is a Group Project,” [link no longer exists]on how to get your business into China. I love the post because it is written from the perspective of a highly educated and knowledgeable businessperson (NYU MBA with substantial China business experience), rather than by a… Continue Reading

Chinese Company Formation, Part II — WFOE Minimum Capital Requirements

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By: Steve Dickinson Yesterday, in a post called Chinese Company Formation — Forming a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE) in China, I discussed the basic requirements for forming a wholly foreign owned entity (WFOE) in China.  One of the questions I am asked most frequently about forming a WFOE in China is how much the… Continue Reading