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Will China Avoid The Middle Income Trap? Four Ways To Make That Likely

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I am fascinated by the “Middle-Income Trap,” particularly as it applies to China. The Middle Income Trap is used to describe a developing economy that stalls out after a period of rapid growth before it becomes a developed economy.  My shorthand view of it is that it is relatively easy to go from being an… Continue Reading

Will China Ever Get Rich?

Posted in China Business

I don’t think so.  Just my view. Read an article in Forbes entitled, “What Could Derail A Middle Class China?” This article starts out by asking what could prevent China from becoming a developed country and then sets out what usually prevents countries from reaching “high-income status”: The experience of countries that failed to make… Continue Reading

Will China Escape The Middle Income Trap?

Posted in Events

Orville Schell and Peter Schiff contend that China’s brand of state-directed capitalism has the resilience to come out on top of the global market.  Ian Bremmer and Minxin Pei put their money on the American model despite its faltering in recent years. Where do you stand? Intelligence Squared U.S., in partnership with Slate, promises provocative, insightful… Continue Reading

China, Malaysia, Korea And The “Middle Income Trap.”

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I just learned a new term today that I know I will be using frequently in the future. The term is “middle income trap” and it crystallizes some of my previously discombobulated thoughts I have had regarding economic development. Let me explain. This new term (for me) comes from a post by Michael Schuman on Time… Continue Reading