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China’s Business Law Trends for 2013. Booorrring.

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I was just interviewed by a magazine reporter who wanted to know what important business laws impacting foreigners had changed in China in 2012 and what we can expect for 2013.  I started out by telling him that if he was counting on big changes, he had no story.  I then went on to explain… Continue Reading

Judicial Reform In China And Its Impact On Foreign Investment

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By: Steve Dickinson The PRC State Council Information Office just published  a White Paper on Judicial Reform in China. The purpose of the White Paper is to provide a snapshot view of the progress of legal reform in China over the past ten years. Readers who are interested in the current state of the Chinese… Continue Reading

Bad China Product? Watch Out If They Threaten To Sue YOU.

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Spoke the other day with a company that was contemplating suing a Chinese factory regarding bad product. This company bought about $300,000 in product that it simply cannot use. When it told its Chinese supplier of this and then held back its final ~$100,000 payment, the Chinese company said it planned to sue. This company… Continue Reading

Litigating in China

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The China Daily recently did an article, entitled, “Business lawsuits in sharp increase,” on how lawsuits involving foreign companies are up ten percent in the last year.  The article ascribes this increase in litigation to more foreign companies coming into China and to the economic downturn. Both of those things may be true but I… Continue Reading

China Product Quality Problem? Here’s My Template Answer.

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Because I receive countless emails every day and because so many of them involve the same questions, I have developed various templates to respond.  Here’s the template I use when a US company writes me with a China product quality problem and the contract they have provided me is not good at all. Much of… Continue Reading

China, We Have A Problem. A Mostly True Story.

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My firm recently wrapped up a fascinating matter (it is nearly always bad news when your lawyer describes your matter as “fascinating”). Even though the matter is nearly over, I am going to gloss over certain facts and make up other ones so as not to leave any possible identifiers. The thrust is entirely true… Continue Reading

China Law Trends: The Radio Interview

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China Law Blog’s own, Steve Dickinson, was recently a guest on “The China Business Show: Secrets of Doing Business in China.” [link no longer exists] The show and the website are part of Entrepreneur Magazine [the show no longer exists]: Entrepreneur Magazine’s The China Business Show is an internet radio show that covers all aspects of… Continue Reading

China — Start Lawyering Up

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Those of you in China or thinking of going there, I have two words for you:  lawyer up. These are the words every lawyer loves to hear (come on, admit it), particularly when spoken by a very knowledgeable non-lawyer.  And when that non-lawyer is Shanghai management consultant extraordinaire, Andrew Hupert … well, let’s just say… Continue Reading

China Private Entrepreneurs Rising — Even In Mao’s Hometown

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The Wall Street Journal just did an interesting story on growing private entrepreneurship in China, entitled, “China’s Entrepreneurs Offer a New Path: Best Hope for Country’s Economy May Lie With Private Enterprise, But Inexperience Could Hurt Effort.” The article focuses on Broad Ltd., a Changsha(Hunan province) company that manufactures giant cooling systems that do not… Continue Reading

Chinese Patients “Seeked” For Class Action “Lawesuit”

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I guess this sort of thing was bound to happen, but I still found it somewhat disquieting (beyond just the atrocious grammar and spelling) to see the following Xinhua headline:  “Patients seeked [sic] for lawesuit [sic] against Bausch & Lomb.”  Seems American lawyers are rounding up Chinese class action plaintiffs for a lawsuit against Bausch… Continue Reading


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Why are we doing this? What exactly will we be doing? There are more than 4 million blogs. Many of these are about China, including some very good ones. Some of our favorites include Talk Talk China and Simon World for general China information, The China Stock Blog for Chinese stock market information, China Tech… Continue Reading