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Is China Emotionally Just Average?

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Clicked on a Washington Post article entitled, “A color-coded map of the world’s most and least emotional countries,” because it was showing as the most read WaPo article today.  The article contains the following map of “emotions”: The map reflects the results of Gallup surveys taken since 2009: Since 2009, the Gallup polling firm has… Continue Reading

Is China Too Risky? Aon Says No.

Posted in China Business

Not quite sure why, but I have been writing a lot lately about the risks of operating a business in China. A few months ago, I did a post entitled China Is The Risk. I See Clouds and a few weeks ago I did a post entitled Secure And Insecure Countries. In Light Of Egypt. An Open Thread. Both… Continue Reading

China, Malaysia, Korea And The “Middle Income Trap.”

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I just learned a new term today that I know I will be using frequently in the future. The term is “middle income trap” and it crystallizes some of my previously discombobulated thoughts I have had regarding economic development. Let me explain. This new term (for me) comes from a post by Michael Schuman on Time… Continue Reading

Banning Dog Meat In China. Who’s Culturally Superior Now, Sucker?

Posted in Internet, Legal News

When the media and the blogosphere started going crazy writing about China’s plans to ban the eating of dog meat, I made very clear to myself that I was going to stay out of it. There was just no way I was going to join that bandwagon. First off, I just did not see it… Continue Reading

How To Network In China. Tis Better To Give Face Than To Take It Away.

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I usually find these things way corny and stereotypical, but I actually kinda like this one. Shanghai Networking News has an article out, based on its having asked questions on Linkedin, on “What The Chinese Want You to Know About Networking” [link no longer exists]. Here are their findings, which I will follow up with… Continue Reading

Working With Chinese and Korean Lawyers. The Big Four Issues With Each.

Posted in Legal News

Last year, I wrote an article for the Complete Lawyer, entitled, “Working with Korean and Chinese Lawyers.” I was originally asked to write on working with Asian lawyers in general, but persuaded the magazine to allow me to focus on just China and Korea. I asked for this limitation because I did not believe myself… Continue Reading

China Kills Recycling! Waste Monster Keeps Growing!

Posted in China Business

One of the things that has always fascinated me about microeconomics is how imperfectly it can track the macro picture. For example, on the macro level, we might hear of a country experiencing negative growth, but on the micro level, this means some companies might still be growing at 20 percent a year. During the… Continue Reading

Death In China Of Korean Diplomat Explained. Not!

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Beijing Newspeak has an excellent post on the recent death of South Korean diplomat, Whang Joung-il, who died at the Vista Clinic in Beijing after eating a tuna sandwich. The post is entitled, Mystery over death of Korean diplomat in Beijing continues [link no longer exists], and it notes how speculation on the cause of death… Continue Reading

Korea, Fake Degrees, Confucius, Due Diligence, And China Too

Posted in China Business

Big scandal going on in Korea right now where many leading public figures are being forced to come clean for having lied about their degrees. Korea Law Blog just did a post, entitled, “More on the Fake Degree Scandal,” [link no longer exists] explaining why this is happening and what employers should be doing about… Continue Reading

Why China Grows So Fast

Posted in China Business, Internet

Great article in today’s Wall Street Journal, entitled, Why China Grows So Fast. It is written by Michael Spence, a 2001 Nobel laureate in economics, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, a professor emeritus of management in the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, and chairman of the independent Commission on Growth in… Continue Reading

China And The BRIC Dream

Posted in China Business

Just watched a ten minute or so movie on Goldman Sach’s website, entitled, “The BRICS Dream” [link no longer exists] (h/t to the Cal Poly MBA Trip Blog).  BRIC is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, and China and the movie, “led” by Jim O’Neill, Goldman Sach’s Head of Global Economic Research, notes it was… Continue Reading

My Tentative China/Asian Itinerary — Let’s Meet!

Posted in China Travel

On Wednesday, July 26, I will be taking off on my bi-monthly Asian trip.  As is nearly always the case, I will be spending my first night in Seoul, Korea.  I leave Seoul, on Friday, July 28, for Shanghai, where I will stay until Sunday evening, July 30.  I then fly to Qingdao where I… Continue Reading

Service Sectors Will Reign In China, Part II, But Nobody Ever Said It Would Be Easy

Posted in China Business, Internet

In “Service Sectors in China Will Reign” and in “The Little Red Book of China Branding, we wrote of how China’s economy is ripe for entry of foreign service businesses.  Just this year, as per the WTO, China greatly liberalized its laws allowing entry of foreign service businesses. In Today’s Wall Street Journal, however, in… Continue Reading