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How To Negotiate With Chinese Companies. You Are The Cow And Here’s How To Avoid Getting Milked.

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I see it all the time and there is very little I can do about it beyond suggesting that maybe they be tougher. The “they” are my law firm’s clients and the “it” is entering into a service contract with a Chinese company based on the belief that “it will all work out in the… Continue Reading

Five Tips For Doing Business In China. How To Partner In 2013.

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Just saw an Inc. Magazine article entitled, “How to Partner in China in 2013.”  The article makes a number of good basic points about what it takes to succeed in doing business in China today and I am saying that not just because I contributed two of them.  The article’s premise question is “How can… Continue Reading

How To Handle Chinese Negotiating Tactics. Part Four Of Three.

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This is part four of our three part series on how to negotiate with Chinese companies.  Yes, you read it right. Part four of three. How To Handle Chinese Negotiating Tactics, part one is here, part two is here, and part three is here. We originally planned a three part series, but when a reader… Continue Reading

China’s Economy Is Down. Your Opportunities Are Up?

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Twice in the last week, clients told me that their China sales had greatly increased in the last few months due to (not in spite of) China’s economic and other problems.  One of these companies sells a high end (but definitely not top of the line) home item.  The other sells industrial testing equipment. Both have… Continue Reading

New And Good China Books. Reviewed. At Last.

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One of the best things about my blog “job” is that I am constantly getting asked by publishers to review new China books.  One of the worst things about my blog “job” is that I am constantly getting asked by publishers to review new China books. I love reading books on China, especially good ones…. Continue Reading

How To Negotiate With Chinese Companies. The Webinar.

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My friend Andrew Hupert is going to be putting on a webinar entitled, “Chinese Negotiation for Westerners: Tactics and Counter Tactics.”  It is going to focus on the “right way” to negotiate in China. It will be on Friday, September 2, from 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., China time/9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. United States… Continue Reading

China’s Economy. It’s All Good Until 2013. Maybe We All Can Get Along.

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Just read an interesting post on one of my favorite blogs. The blog is China Solved, written by my friend Andrew Hupert. I have known Andrew since forever and I have always found him to be one of the most thoughtful and rational China anaylsyts out there. Andrew is an adjunct business professor at NYU… Continue Reading

Ten Commandments For Doing Business In China

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If you are doing business in or with China, you have to check out ChinaSolved. It is operated by my friend Andrew Hupert, who also operates DiligenceChina, [link no longer exists] which is one of the best China business blogs. ChinaSolved is shaping up as a terrific resource on doing business in China. It is… Continue Reading

Andrew Hupert — Shanghai Marketing and HR Consultant

Posted in Good People

A management consultant on the ground in Shanghai who truly understands both Western and Chinese business practices is invaluable. Andrew Hupert fills this bill. Andrew has spent more than twelve years living and working in China as a finance and management professional.  He came to Asia in 1990 after receiving his MBA in International Finance… Continue Reading