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China Signs Of Fraud

Posted in China Business

American companies are always asking the China lawyers at my firm how they can avoid getting scammed by a Chinese company. There is no one answer and sometimes it involves “instinct” as much as science. We see so much fraud/attempted fraud in our practice that we can usually (but not always) spot a fraud within minutes just… Continue Reading

Where To Locate Your China Company

Posted in China Business

The other day I was talking with a U.S. based non-tech consumer company about their commencing retail operations in China. This is a new client and at some point in the conversation I started getting specific about what it takes to form a WFOE in Shanghai. The client stopped me and said that they were… Continue Reading

Qualifying Your Chinese Supplier: Some Basics

Posted in China Business

Finding a China product supplier has never seemed easier. We now have a whole host of both foreign and Chinese online services to speed up this process for you, the buyer. It’s almost like speed dating. However, as with beginning any serious relationship, you should take it slow. We have warned you before (here and here) about the danger of buyers… Continue Reading

China Joint Ventures: How To Give Away Your IP In China, Part 2

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, China Business, Legal News

  Last month I wrote a post entitled, How To Give Away Your IP In China, explaining how foreign companies so often “gift” their intellectual property to their Chinese manufacturers by not initially making clear in a Chinese language contract who will own the intellectual property that will be developed jointly by the Chinese manufacturer and… Continue Reading

What Your Chinese Operations Needs To Know About Iran Sanctions

Posted in China Business, Legal News

Recent news about a framework agreement between Iran, the United States, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Russia raises important geopolitical issues – and also important business considerations. The agreement basically rests on two important representations. Iran would allow monitoring of its nuclear programs and the United States and Europe would agree to eliminate restrictive… Continue Reading

Beijing Wins World’s Most Livable City Honor: Fong’s Pizza Proves The Point

Posted in China Business, China Travel, Good People, Recommended Reading

According to yet another highly scientific and thoroughly researched study, Beijing was just named as the world’s most livable city. No big surprise there, what with its recently cleaned air, its friendly cab drivers, and its overall friendly and polite vibe. The fact that it has such pure drinking water and low rents no doubt… Continue Reading

Foreign Investment in China: Beware of Local Governments Bearing Gifts

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, China Business, Legal News

Recent news reports suggest that Foxconn is having trouble securing investment benefits promised them by the Zhengzhou government. The rumor is that Foxconn was lured to Zhengzhou with promises of over 5 billion RMB in tax benefits and related incentives. These incentives were granted in direct opposition to central government policy. Beijing found out and laid… Continue Reading

Made In China?

Posted in China Business, Legal News

  Before you read this post, take a moment to look at the back of your computer monitor or handheld device. Do you see a tag that states “Made in China?” My computer monitor does; my iPhone states it a little differently as Assembled in China. For products imported into and sold in the United… Continue Reading

China Bank Technology Rules: Not the Same Old Thing

Posted in China Business, Legal News

The latest hot issue in China/U.S. trade relations is the highly restrictive bank technology rules recently announced by PRC banking regulators. As reported in the foreign press, these rules will require all Chinese banks prove that their computer technology and software is “secure and controllable.” The following are the most controversial provisions: The source code… Continue Reading