Just read a Bloomberg News article, “Proview Using ‘IPad’ Name is Harmful: Apple,” that quotes me on the Apple-Proview dispute, as follows:

“It’s not really trademark law, it’s about whether the trademark was legally transferred or not,” Dan Harris, a Seattle-based lawyer with Harris Bricken who handles cases on intellectual property in China, said before

A reporter called me the other day on the Apple-Proview trademark kerfuffle. She kept wanting me to give her a quote on what foreign companies should take away from this dispute and I kept parrying with her, unable to give her just one. I kept finding myself saying “it’s probably more complicated than that.”

I usually avoid writing on the really big China issues, figuring they get enough coverage elsewhere.  I am veering from this now because there is still more to be said about the recent Shenzhen prostitute “shaming” incident.

When I first saw the pictures of the prostitutes with their heads bowed, I instantly thought of Bull

China Daily (h/t to ChingDangVu Blog) just did a story on a comparison study of the quality of life in China’s cities.  Like so many of these studies that come out of China, both the methodology and the accuracy is murky, but it does make for fun reading so here goes:

1.   Shenzhen

2.   Qingdao