Registering a trademark in China

As we have written a number of times, every company sourcing goods from China should register a trademark in China for any logo or brand name appearing on its goods or packaging. China is a first-to-file country, and companies that do not register their own trademarks are just laying out the welcome mat for trademark

By:  Steve Dickinson

Registration of trademarks in China has become essential for doing business in China. We have long advocated prompt China trademark registration with our clients. For companies that manufacture and export from China, registration of the English language trademark is essential. For companies that sell products and services in China, registration of the

David Woronov, a Boston-based international lawyer told me a very instructive China trademark story the other day.

Seems a company had come to David with a big China trademark problem. This company had decided to have its products manufactured in China and it thought it could rely on its United States and Madrid protocol

Over the last six months or so, my firm’s work for Chinese companies going international has zoomed, and with that, my knowledge of how Chinese companies “handle” foreign companies has zoomed as well. One of the things I have learned is that Chinese companies understand the value of trademarks — YOUR trademark. Let me explain.

Our advice to all our clients is to register their trademarks in China before they go there.

China is a first to register country, which means that whoever registers the trademark first gets it.

Yes, there is an exception for famous trademarks, but unless you are Coca-Cola, it is lunacy to bank on a Chinese

China trademark registrationChina Daily ran an article today, entitled, “IP Special.” The article talks about a number of pending and recently resolved lawsuits involving foreign companies:

  • The Walt Disney Company filed a lawsuit in Shenzhen, alleging “Mickeyle,” a Shenzhen-based children’s clothing manufacturer, illegally uses Disney’s registered trademark “MICKEY & CO” and “MICKEY UNLIMITED.” Disney