When our China lawyers are asked to assist foreign companies in determining where to locate in China, the first thing we do is ask that they fill out a long questionnaire to better enable us to gauge what is and what is not important in their choice of China location.

We ask our clients to

Companies seeking to form a WFOE in China are often confused about Chinese law regarding the minimum registered capital requirements for forming a WFOE.  Part of the confusion stems from disreputable entity formation companies that encourage their hiring by claiming they know exactly how much will be required and that they have the ability to

The Financial Times’ FDIintelligence site [subscription required] just came out with its list of the top ten Asian cities for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2012 and three China cities made the list: Hong Kong, Chengdu, and Guangzhou. This ranking is based on data and expert opinion used to rank cities with the best prospects

house.jpgGot the above graph from a China Tells post, entitled, “A Comparison between China and US housing Prices.”  The post seems to make the argument that housing prices in China are not so high, especially when we compare them with those in the United States:

Is China’s housing price expensive? Depends. Expensive is always a