Protecting your IP in China

Client just sent me a link to a United States Government internet “brochure” on “Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights in China” [link no longer exists] along with a note saying “this is what you are always saying.” It is what I am always saying, and though this information appears to be about ten years old,

I have been working for years for a very experienced and very sophisticated client who manufactures and sells product in China. Many years ago, this company was doing incredibly well in a foreign country when, all of a sudden, its leading seller of its product cut my client loose because it had secretly developed its

Stan Abrams over at China Hearsay is (or will be?) speaking on China intellectual property at an IP conference for SMEs in the Netherlands and he has mapped out on his blog what he is going to say. And here it is:

1. Register your IP as early as possible.
2. Don’t sacrifice IP protection