This question has frequently been posed to me by two ethnic Chinese friends of mine who work/worked for massive “international” Chinese companies and one American friend who works/worked at a massive “international” Chinese company.  All three of these friends have lived in the United States for around twenty years and three of them are eminently

Got an email from a client/friend yesterday with a link to an Industry Week Article and a note saying that I needed to give this “CLB’s dumbest article of the month award.” We do not actually have such an award (should we?) so for that reason alone, it is not in contention. Bad articles on

Many years ago, my youngest daughter, now 11, would email the same-aged daughter of a Chinese lawyer with whom I had worked on a couple of cases and with whom I had become friends. What always amazed me about the correspondence (emails sent to my daughter were translated into English by the Chinese lawyer) between

CFO Magazine has an interesting article on China’s anti-bribery laws, entitled, Corrupt or Careless? Written by Don Durfee, its tag-line is that “Enforcement of China’s anti-bribery laws is on the rise, and foreign companies could easily be on the wrong side of Chinese law without knowing it.

The article starts out by briefly describing the

I have been following with a great deal of interest the recent disclosures regarding various McDonalds and KFCs allegedly underpaying their employees. I was going to do a post on this, with the thesis that this is further proof that what is good for the Chinese domestic goose is not so good for the foreign