The following is by Stephanie Henry, one of our legal assistants, who will soon be starting the Masters in Communications program at Johns Hopkins University. 

It is a commonly held assumption (and one often stated here at CLB) that the increase in Chinese companies seeking protection of their own intellectual property (IP) in China

The other day, I and another China lawyer from my law firm were talking with a very sophisticated client about protecting his company’s intellectual property in China. We went through the usual litany of options, starting with trademarks, copyrights, and patents, and then we started discussing the importance of not neglecting “less sexy” protections, such

Just came across a great article on protecting your IP in China. It is by Godfrey Firth, who is with the Business Advisory Services at the US-China Business Council in Shanghai and it is entitled, “The best offense is a good defense—and vice versa.” [link no longer exists The article outlines virtually all of the