International Arbitration

This is part III (the last) of Dr. Clarisse von Wunschheim’s three part series of guest posts on China arbitration. I asked Dr. von Wunschheim to write this series because arbitration is so important to so many China transactions and she literally wrote the book on China arbitration: Enforcement of Commercial Arbitral Awards in China

We are always writing on the importance of China contracts having a well-crafted dispute resolution provision. My favorite line about this is the following, from the post, “Arbitration In Your China Contract. Adult Supervision Required“:

With sushi restaurants, it’s the yellow-fin.
With new houses, it’s the windows.
With international contracts, it’s the dispute

Yesterday, I participated in a phone call with a client and another lawyer in my office. We were discussing a draft of a worldwide software licensing agreement the counter-party had provided to our client. Fairly late in the discussion, I asked what law the agreement was calling for and then noted how that is oftentimes

Was given this by Constance Kim, Los Angeles lawyer extraordinaire, a few months ago and then forgot all about it. Came across it today and realized how helpful it would be to our readers to put this online, so here it is. This is the most comprehensive list of international arbitration centers I have seen.