This definitely holds true for China copyrights takedowns.
This definitely holds true for China copyright takedowns.

This is the fourth in a series about online copyright takedowns. Copyright Takedowns in China was a general summary of the regulations that establish the takedown procedures. These regulations enable enforcement of the “right of communication through an information network” as it

A friend emailed me a post the other day and asked me if I agreed with him that it was the “most helpful post your blog has done for helping foreign companies doing business with China.” My response was that I wasn’t sure, but that it certainly ranked up there and that it had been

I am going to be speaking at USC this weekend and in poring over old PowerPoints (to create a new PowerPoint for my talk), I came across one with a fairly extensive China law bibliography of some of our most helpful posts.  This bibliography is definitely slanted towards the legal issues that confront foreign companies

This is a guest post by Jonathan Poston. Jonathan is currently a business professor at Warren Wilson College, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Drymos Group LLC and an adjunct professor at Galen University in Belize.
Before China became the world’s second largest economy (as it is today), or even the third, fourth or fifth, US