A few months ago, I was email interviewed for a story on protecting intellectual property in China. I just learned today that the story is not going to run because it was “deemed too technical.”  Fine.

So instead I will list out below the points I made to my interviewer, who had sought me out

Every few months or so, I see something that reminds me of how important it is to file your trademarks in China before anyone else does. I often tell clients that filing a trademark is about the only China legal no-brainer. Or as I said in a post from earlier this year, entitled, “

Alicia Beverly, Chief IP (intellectual property) strategist with IP Wealth, an Australian company, “based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, [that] specializes in identifying, protecting, managing and monitoring intellectual property assets for clients around Australia and overseas,” wrote a helpful article entitled “Protecting and Enforcing Your IP Rights In China.”

The article starts out

China trademark registrationChina Daily ran an article today, entitled, “IP Special.” The article talks about a number of pending and recently resolved lawsuits involving foreign companies:

  • The Walt Disney Company filed a lawsuit in Shenzhen, alleging “Mickeyle,” a Shenzhen-based children’s clothing manufacturer, illegally uses Disney’s registered trademark “MICKEY & CO” and “MICKEY UNLIMITED.” Disney

China trademark law
China Trademarks. Because they really matter.

Yesterday, I discussed a letter received by a U.S. company from someone in China who claimed to have secured the U.S. company’s China (cn) domain name and was trying to sell it “back” to the U.S. company. Though troublesome, the damage from domain name