Though we often discuss business issues, we try to stay on topics where we can add value for our readers.  We usually leave “big issue” posts like the proper valuation of the Yuan to others.  But we know that issue is important to business so we wanted to make you aware of a new article

China economyThe always lively AsiaPundit Blog just weighed in on the China boom or bust controversy we started the other day, here and here.  In a post, entitled, “China’s Boom/China’s Bust,” [link no longer exists] AsiaPundit comes down on the side of the bears, but just barely (pun intended):

AsiaPundit admits to being a bit

We have already been accused of being too “bullish” [link no longer exists] on China and I admit I am generally optimistic about China and its potential.  But, of course, I do recognize China has its major risks, some of which are nicely laid out in a Foreign Policy article, entitled, “The Dark Side