From “neighboring” Qingdao

On August 4, 2010, the Dalian Labor and Social Security Bureau (大连人力资源和社会保障局) posted on its website a new list of requirements for foreign nationals seeking employment in Chinese companies based in Dalian. The new requirements mandate that foreign individuals must prove that the registered capital of their employer is greater than 3.0

Taikongren’s Advice Blog has a nice post setting forth and commenting on many of the various issues swirling about these days on labor in China. The post is entitled,”Taikongren’s definitive ‘What’s happening with Chinese Labor’ post,” [link no longer exist] and it does a very good job setting out China’s labor situation and raising some

Got a call last week from the HR officer of a US company. She was looking for my firm to assist her on a labor law issue. The US company’s China WFOE had laid off a female employee who had come back saying she was entitled to ten months pregnancy pay. The employee gave three

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The implementation regulations for the new Chinese Labor Contract Law were promulgated on September 3. When the draft regulations were issued earlier this year, we discussed some of the proposed changes (here), and despite having shrunk from 45 articles to 38, the content of the regulations remain relatively intact. You can read the