China has liberalized its minimum capital requirements for a WFOE and the amounts required have been reduced in many Chinese cities/districts. But even if the Chinese government is going to let you get away with a very small amount of registered capital, you may want to pay more.

You should think about the registered capital

Our China lawyers often review leases for companies early in the WFOE registration process. Our work in this area has been growing exponentially as word has gotten around regarding WFOE registrations increasingly going awry and landlord problems stemming from WFOE leases.

The pendency of a WFOE formation is a complicated time for a commercial lease

Our China lawyers have been seeing a massive increase in inquiries from American companies looking to close down their operations in China. On top of that, I shared an early morning taxi today from my airport hotel to O’Hare with a guy who was heading to China to aid in shutting down his company’s China

One of the most frustrating things about doing business in China is the paper work.

The seemingly endless paper work….

I was cc’ed on an email the other day from one of our China lawyers to one of our clients.  The client had signed the documents required for a WFOE using the wrong ink.  The

Twice in the last couple of months while working on registering WFOEs for clients, clients have come to us and asked our thoughts about switching their WFOE formation cities.  In both cases, their basis for questioning came from having heard that some nearby city was easier for a China WFOE formation and had better labor