Had lunch the other day with a long-time client who has been involved with international outsourcing for more than twenty years and involved with sourcing product from China for at least ten. We talked a lot about what separates companies that do well in sourcing product from China from those that fail.

He sees the

Joaquin Sapien, a ProPublica reporter has been churning out really top flight in-depth stories on the Chinese Drywall situation almost since its inception. If you have any interest at all in Chinese drywall, you should be reading his stories. In fact, if you have any interest at all in learning how manufacturing (even business as

It has been awhile since we have written on China product quality issues. As regular readers of this blog know, we are of the view that companies outsourcing to China must focus on 1) choosing the right partner, 2) using a good OEM contract, and 3) constantly engaging in quality control monitoring. Renaud Anjoran’s always