I am going to be speaking at USC this weekend and in poring over old PowerPoints (to create a new PowerPoint for my talk), I came across one with a fairly extensive China law bibliography of some of our most helpful posts.  This bibliography is definitely slanted towards the legal issues that confront foreign companies

I was talking with a client today for whom we are doing what I consider to be our standard China start-up “package.”  We are helping them form a WFOE, helping with the legal side of their lease, registering and protecting their IP in China, and drafting their China employee manuals and employee contracts. 

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Taikongren’s Advice Blog has a nice post setting forth and commenting on many of the various issues swirling about these days on labor in China. The post is entitled,”Taikongren’s definitive ‘What’s happening with Chinese Labor’ post,” [link no longer exist] and it does a very good job setting out China’s labor situation and raising some

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The implementation regulations for the new Chinese Labor Contract Law were promulgated on September 3. When the draft regulations were issued earlier this year, we discussed some of the proposed changes (here), and despite having shrunk from 45 articles to 38, the content of the regulations remain relatively intact. You can read the