Five Chinese government officials knock on your company’s door with a search warrant.  What do you do?

The Squire Sanders firm does a nice job answering this question in its article, “If Your Company is Investigated in China … Reacting to Dawn Raids” [link no longer exists].  The article (which I urge you to read)

China is evolving and certain things that were “no big deal” five years ago are a big deal now. Dealing with China customs law is a prime example of that. If you are a foreign company doing business in China that involves importing products into China (or exporting, but less so), it behooves you now

A number of our clients manufacture products that sell for relatively high prices due in large part to distinguishing characteristics of our client’s company or product.  In other words, the exact kind of product counterfeiters love to copy.

Not sure why, but we have been spending more time lately in helping our clients prevent counterfeiting