How to negotiate with Chinese companiesIn this series of posts I am looking at themes explored by Lucian Pye in his work Chinese Commercial Negotiating Style. Pye concludes that the way most Sino-Foreign negotiations are conducted helps the Chinese side apply its preferred strategies and tactics. My first post looked at how Chinese companies tend to control the preliminaries

A reader just referred me to a new (relatively) blog called China Stocks Watch and I sort of love it.

The blog is about China’s top twenty stocks and about China business in general and its posts literally alternate between those two.  It describes itself as follows:

China Stocks Watch is a China business blog

Was cc’ed on an email between one of our China lawyers and a client that sets out what our client can do to help ensure that the company chop on its China contract corresponds with the actual company chop held by the Chinese company with whom our client is conducting its China business.

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