China's Sputnik MomentThe Information Technology & Innovation Foundation just released an excellent report called Is China Catching Up to the United States in Innovation? It looks like the answer is “yes.”

The report concludes that China is making more rapid progress in innovation and advanced technology industries than the United States. The report says there is no

Our China lawyers are constantly asked what to read to stay up on China and our responses truly vary. One of our lawyers reads almost exclusively Chinese language media and social media, believing that anything else is at least somewhat filtered. Another of our lawyers insists that everyone should start their day reading at

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With all that is going on with China’s economy and with its trade discussions with the United States and with US tariffs and with the EU’s mounting frustration with China, our China lawyers are finding themselves more often engaged in “big picture” discussions with our clients than ever before.  We are constantly getting hit with

Best books on China businessOver the years we’ve often been asked by both our readers and our clients what books they should read “to better understand China.” And over the years we have reviewed a ton of books on China. Yet I for one am never quite sure how to answer the question so I do the lawyer thing