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China Law Blog is getting “social.”

When we first started this blog we would fairly often get hundreds of comments on one post. With the changes in how so many of you actually see our posts and the importance of social media, those days are over. Or at least they have

China lawyer China attorneyAmerican and occasionally European law students and recent law school graduates are always contacting our China lawyers to ask what they must do to become international lawyers focused on China law. My advice to them is usually a somewhat rambling dissertation on the need to build a solid legal foundation while constantly working on improving

China IP LawyersOur China lawyers do the legal work on all sorts of transactions with China, ranging from relatively simply manufacturing contracts to purchase widgets to relatively complicated joint venture deals to technology licensing deals to mergers and acquisitions (involving both the purchasing of a Chinese company by a Western company to the purchasing of a Western

China lawyersHardly a day goes by without someone asking one of the China lawyers at my firm for an English language source on Chinese law on one thing or another. Truth is there is a dearth of helpful articles and books on Chinese law, in large part because Chinese law changes so often and varies so