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The below post is by Renaud Anjoran, CEO of Sofeast, a leading Asia-focused quality assurance, product engineering, and supply chain management solutions company. Our law firm’s international manufacturing lawyers have worked with Renaud on countless Asian sourcing and manufacturing transactions over the last fifteen or so years. 

Most China commentators have been focusing

online marketplaces product liablity

Less than two weeks ago, in Suing Chinese Companies for Product Liability, I wrote about the difficulties in holding Chinese companies responsible for defective products in U.S. courts and elsewhere. The problems include asserting personal jurisdiction over a Chinese company and the lack of enforcement of U.S. judgments in China. Because so much of

California import lawsBuying products overseas and importing them to the U.S. is no easy task. Companies have to worry about compliance with foreign laws and regulations (often with a language barrier and in a very different legal system) and strict and complex U.S. import rules. It is easy for companies to lose sight of the many U.S.

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As we have written a number of times — see China Trademarks are the Most Important Thing of All and China’s New Trademark Environment — the essential first step in most any China IP strategy is to register your trademarks with China’s Trademark Office. Because China is a first-to-file country, until you register a trademark

China contract damages

Our China lawyers often stress to our clients the importance of a well-crafted contract damages provision that contains a “just-right” amount of damages the Chinese counter-party much pay for a breach. We are often asked what is just the right amount and our answer is that depends on the specific facts and to what the