International Manufacturing

China manufacturing contractsWith China manufacturing becoming increasingly risky, many companies looking to have their products manufactured overseas are retaining product sourcing companies to help them find new suppliers in other countries for their manufacturing. This in turn is forcing product sourcing companies to themselves diversify into other countries and many (most?) of them do not seem

Moving your manufacturing Out Of China

In addition to my regular legal practice advising companies on relocating their manufacturing or business operations around the world, I have over the last few months given a number of presentations in-person (pre-Covid-19) and online (during-Covid-19) about the opportunities and challenges of relocating internationally. Some of these presentations you can now view online: Effects of

International Manufacturing Lawyers to protect your manufacturing molds
Our international manufacturing lawyers are seeing many companies lose their molds when moving their product manufacturing from China. Not surprisingly, these are the companies that did little or nothing to protect their molds when they first went into China to have their products made there. On the flip side, with so many companies setting up

forced labor China products

On May 1, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced it had issued a withhold release order (WRO) against hair products manufactured by a Xinjiang company called Hetian Haolin Hair Accessories Co. Ltd. (Haolin). The WRO was issued under the authority of 19 U.S.C. 1307, which prohibits importing merchandise produced by forced labor.

Southeast Asia continues to grapple with the fallout from COVID-19, which will hobble this and future generations in nations without adequate healthcare and the capability to deploy stimulus funds like many Western nations. But with Japan incentivizing its companies to relocate major portions of their supply chains from China and the U.S. seriously exploring similar