China IP protections

The trade talks between the United States and China broke down on Friday with no agreement. As a result, tariffs were raised to 25% and future U.S. tariffs on additional Chinese products are extremely likely. The Chinese side responded with retaliatory tariffs on a host of U.S. products. The parties will continue to negotiate, but

International trade lawyer

The last few months have seen an onslaught of trade actions brought by U.S. companies against incoming products of all kinds from China. With all the trade issues involving China and bipartisan anti-China sentiment prevalent in the United States, now is a great time to bring such actions. The international trade lawyers at my firm

Durante los últimos meses una retahíla de demandas antidumping y antisubvención han sido instauradas por empresas de Estados Unidos contra las importaciones chinas de diversos rubros. Dado que el sentimiento anti-China se ha agudizado en Estados Unidos—trascendiendo líneas partidistas y azuzado en gran medida por desacuerdos en materia comercial—el momento es uno idóneo para quienes