Ceramic tile international trade lawyers In just the last few months there has been an onset of trade actions brought by U.S. companies against incoming products of all kinds from China. With all the trade issues involving China and bipartisan anti-China sentiment prevalent in the United States, now is a great time to bring such actions. The international trade lawyers

international lawyersOur international lawyers draft more NNN Agreements than any other agreement. These agreements are used to protect your confidential information. They protect confidentiality and they protect against the company or person to whom you reveal the information from using that information to compete against you or go around you to your own customers or clients.

China foreign investment lawyers


For weeks now, our China foreign investment lawyers have been getting a steady stream of emails regarding China’s now approved new law on foreign investments. Those emails can very roughly be divided into two camps:

  1. Those (mostly from our own clients) asking us what it will mean.
  2. Those (mostly from China Law Blog readers)