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Recientemente, en Coronavirus Legal Issues Around the World, Part 7: COVID-19 Related Trademarks, como parte de nuestra serie de artículos sobre cuestiones legales relacionadas al coronavirus alrededor del mundo, discutimos cómo la pandemia en curso está estimulando el registro de marcas en los Estados Unidos y China. A esta tendencia se han sumado otros

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China manufacturing has gotten riskier and more difficult. Our China manufacturing lawyers hear this pretty much every single day from our own clients.

On the one hand you have rapidly rising harassment of foreigners going on in China. Not a day goes by anymore without a long media story on the growing xenophobia in China.

Spain trademark lawyer

A few days ago, in Coronavirus Legal Issues Around the World, Part 7: COVID-19 Related Trademarks, we discussed how the ongoing pandemic is spurring trademark registrations in the United States and China. Other countries are no exception to this trend, as evidenced by activity at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM).

So far,

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For the last three or so months, our China lawyers have been confronted with a host of legal issues related to the coronavirus. This should not be surprising because China was the seminal coronavirus epicenter. For the past two months or so, our Seattle lawyers have been working on a host of legal issues related

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Both here on the blog and in real life with our clients, our China lawyers are always touting the benefits of licensing products, intellectual property, brands, technology and content to China. Licensing deals make sense under many circumstances, but they make particular sense in situations where it is difficult or impossible to get your product,

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Chinese factories are hurting these days. Bad. Their sales are way down, especially to the United States. In China’s manufacturing exodus set to continue in 2020, the South China Morning Post made this starkly clear with statistics:

Tariffs saw China’s trade in goods surplus with the US fall by 7.9 per cent in November, according