Intellectual Property (IP)

Counterfeit products on Chinese websitesOur China IP team regularly oversees requests to Chinese websites to take down counterfeit products. The success rate on getting these products removed within a week or so is North of 99%.

The following email (modified very slightly) crossed my computer the other day. It is from one of our China IP lawyers who does

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Purchasing proprietary products raises contracting issues not fully understood by many foreign buyers.

In the old days, the typical overseas product purchase was for something like a simple white t-shirt. This t-shirt would have a number of specifications: sizes, fabric material, fabric color, thread count, neck size, ornament, label placement and label content. For this

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Virtually every has intellectual property requiring protection. Let’s first get clear what we mean by “intellectual property.” IP is not patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. These are simply tools for protecting intellectual property.

So what is intellectual property?

  • A better term might be intangible property or intangible assets. This includes everything about your business that