As first responders struggle to meet the daunting challenge of COVID-19, those tasked with procuring masks and other PPE for their use are facing their own challenges, many of them connected to the industry’s over-reliance on Chinese supply. China’s factories are overwhelmed by requests for new orders, and in this sellers’ market

China Employment Law Webinar

Our law firm’s lead China employment lawyer, Grace Yang, will be leading a 90 minute webinar on what HR departments need to know about China employment law. China is getting a lot tougher on how foreign companies (especially American companies) in China treat their employees and staying in compliance has never been more important. See 

China employment lawyer

The below is a transcription of an interview of Grace Yang on Legal Talk Radio. Grace heads up our China employment law team and the interview deals with the coronavirus’s impact on China employers and employees.

But more than that, it movingly and powerfully deals with the big picture issues arising from the virus. I

international cannabis marijuana

In the past year or so, our international lawyers have seen a remarkable uptick in requests for advice and legal services related to the international cannabis/CBD trade. This business involves clients from all over the world seeking help on on import/export agreements, foreign direct investment, regulatory compliance, customs issues and everything in between. Things are