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International trade Trump Biden

Election Day is around the corner and ballots are already being cast.  Unlike 2016, when candidate Trump made international trade one of his top campaign issues, trade in this election cycle has rarely been mentioned.  Perhaps if we didn’t have a coronavirus pandemic and outrage over racial and social injustice, trade might have been a

China Cybersecurity Image

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During the last decade, the Chinese government has rolled out an extensive cybersecurity system. This new system is not what a foreign investor would expect. This new system is cybersecurity with Chinese characteristics. The system is not intended to protect businesses and individuals. Its goal is the opposite; it is

China Skyline

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Whether to stay in China or exit China is a big question for many companies. This decision is driven by many considerations that vary depending on each company’s specific situation. There are though common questions companies should be posing in formulating their China plans: what legal, business, political, and moral issues should