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In May 2019, Luckin Coffee began trading publicly on NASDAQ at $17 a share. The Chinese coffee company raised $561 million in its IPO and in less than a year, its stock value had tripled to $51 a share. Started in Beijing in 2017, but headquartered in Xiamen, this Chinese company established thousands of locations

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Whether to stay in China or exit China is a big question for many companies. This decision is driven by many considerations that vary depending on each company’s specific situation. There are though common questions companies should be posing in formulating their China plans: what legal, business, political, and moral issues should

China employment lawyerIf you as a China employer are not documenting your employee separations in writing, you are not doing it correctly. And with China’s pandemic-induced economic downtown, it is more important than ever that you handle your China employee separations correctly.

Regardless of the type of employee termination, you should clearly and correctly document it in

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A company’s decision on whether to remain or leave China is driven by many considerations. This decision should be a business decision, tempered by legal considerations, of which there are many. Join international business attorney Dan Harris and Pacific Enterprise Capital International’s founder and managing director Michael Sacharski as they examine this