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China Employment Lawyers

Though we are always emphasizing how different China’s employment laws are from those in the West (especially the United States), there are some basic things employers should consider in handling employment matters pretty much everywhere in the world. This post discusses how effective employer communication is key pretty much everywhere.

By employer communication, I am

China employment law compliance

If you have employees in China, you must have a written employment contract with each and every one of your employees. Employing anyone (Chinese citizen or expat) in China without a current, enforceable, China-centric employment contract puts you at massive risk for financial penalties and worse. Late last month, China’s Ministry of Human Resources and

China Joint Venture Lawyers

This is Part Three of our new series laying out the issues companies typically face and the steps our China company lawyers typically go through when forming a China Joint Venture. In Part One, we talked about how despite the increasing difficulties with doing business in China (or perhaps because of those difficulties), our