Basics of China Business Law

China employment lawyersSince the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, China has released and updated countless national and local employment laws to deal with rapidly changing circumstances. In the United States and the EU, best practices usually dictate that you update your company’s employee handbook at least once a year and even more often if there have been

China Employment Lawyers
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Shanghai’s Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Shanghai’s High People’s Court together recently released a set of Guiding Opinions on “Handling Labor Dispute Cases Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Below are some of the highlights from these Guiding Opinions, which though focused on just Shanghai,

How to Buy PPE from China

Last week, Fred Rocafort (one of our international trade lawyers), Dan Pak (a VP of Procurement at a large East Coast hospital chain) and I put on a 90+ minute webinar on navigating PPE purchases from China. Based on the feedback we have received and the fact that a number of webinar companies have asked

China Employment Audits

Though many of our clients that manufacture in China are leaving China because of the costs, the difficulties and the tariffs, many of our clients that sell their goods and services into China are looking to move into China or grow their operations there. No matter what is going on in or regarding China, China

Chinese company Chop or Seal in PPE Deals

These last few months our China manufacturing lawyers have been working 24/7 on helping foreign companies, charities, states, and countries sort out the legal and business issues inherent in purchasing PPE from China (Personal Protective Equipment). These deals almost invariably must be done quickly, and that often means there is just not enough time to

China employment lawyer

Many foreign companies in China have laid off employees because of the coronavirus and some of these companies will eventually want to bring some or all of their laid off employees back. Our China employment lawyers are already getting inquiries about how to do this. We are also seeing situations where an employee who voluntarily