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Employers should be very careful using WeChat to manage their employment affairs.

Consider this hypothetical. Employer amends its Rules and Regulations to require its employees forward or repurpose all Employer WeChat articles as the employee’s own “moments” on the employee’s personal WeChat account. The new Rules and Regulations also discipline employees who fail to meet

China Statury Retirement Age

Foreign companies doing business in China fairly often ask our China employment lawyers whether they can legally hire someone who has passed the legal retirement age. The short answer is that doing so is legal, but somewhat complicated.

Consider this hypothetical. Employer employs Employee (male) for several years. Employee turns 60, the statutory retirement age,

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Pretty much every January/February our China employment law team gets a bump in its “crisis” work, mostly stemming from angry employees terminated at the end of the year or at the beginning of the year. The crisis comes when their foreign employers contact us after the employees have made their complaints. With China making life