Basics of China Business Law

China Joint Venture Lawyers

This is Part Three of our new series laying out the issues companies typically face and the steps our China company lawyers typically go through when forming a China Joint Venture. In Part One, we talked about how despite the increasing difficulties with doing business in China (or perhaps because of those difficulties), our

China employee non-compete agreementsChina’s employment laws generally permit employee non-compete agreements that prevent an employee from competing with its former employer for up to two years after employment ends. But there are all sorts of restrictions on these agreements, as explained below.

Only some China employees can be bound by non-compete agreements. Employee non-compete agreements are generally limited

China Employer Audit Costs Fees

Complying with Chinese laws is the sine qua non for avoiding trouble in China. See China’s New Company Tracking System: Comply, Comply, Comply. Foreign companies that realize this have, among other things, been striving too clean up their employment practices to prevent employee conflagrations that can in turn lead to problems with the Chinese