Basics of China Business Law

China contract damages

Our China lawyers often stress to our clients the importance of a well-crafted contract damages provision that contains a “just-right” amount of damages the Chinese counter-party much pay for a breach. We are often asked what is just the right amount and our answer is that depends on the specific facts and to what the

manufacturing contracts

Recently we have worked on several matter that involved reviewing multiple contracts and weeks’ worth of emails and WeChat correspondence to piece together how a China manufacturing deal went awry, with the aim to salvage the relationship between the Chinese manufacturer and our client, but mostly with the aim to determine whether we can help

China contracts

Phone calls from potential clients nearly always start out fun and this economic downturn has brought my law firm a whole slew of new clients and potential clients needing legal help in dealing with the economic downturn.

This post is on three potential clients whose situations were so bad I had to suggest they not