Steve focuses on assisting foreign companies in doing business in and with China. He prides himself on working in the “real” China: the world of factories, fish plants, and farms that lie outside of Beijing and Shanghai. Having mastered the Chinese language and legal system, Steve’s unique expertise makes him an invaluable resource to our clients.

international litigation lawyersEuler Hermes, the German credit insurance company, recently released its bankruptcy filing projections for 2019 here. The Report states that bankruptcies worldwide increased by 10% in 2018 and it projects an additional 6% increase for 2019.

What surprised me is that the increase in bankruptcies worldwide stems almost solely from an increase in formal

China's Economy Top Ten IssuesA group of Chinese economists from Beijing have circulated a “top ten” list of the difficulties faced by the Chinese economy in 2018. This list has been removed from all media in China, but it has been released outside China (as far as I can tell, in Mandarin only). For obvious reasons, the economists who

Asia manufacturing lawyers

The key issues in nearly all the contract manufacturing agreements we draft (be they for China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia or wherever) are price, quantity and delivery date. Yet many foreign buyers fail to address these critical issues as they are more focused on issues like intellectual property protection and control of molds. They assume