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Working out of Seattle and Beijing, Grace is Harris Bricken’s lead attorney on China labor and employment law matters and the author of a book, the China Employment Law Guide. She is a native Beijinger who has studied and lived in the United States for many years. She is fluent in English and in Mandarin Chinese, and works out of Harris Bricken's Beijing and Seattle offices. Her international background gives her a deep understanding of both American and Chinese cultures and legal systems.

China employee non-compete agreementsChina’s employment laws generally permit employee non-compete agreements that prevent an employee from competing with its former employer for up to two years after employment ends. But there are all sorts of restrictions on these agreements, as explained below.

Only some China employees can be bound by non-compete agreements. Employee non-compete agreements are generally limited

China Employment Lawyer for employee termination

Employee terminations in China are almost never easy and employer-initiated unilateral terminations are exponentially more difficult. Foreign companies terminating their employees in China can and often do get tripped up when they attempt unilateral employee terminations.

Consider this hypothetical. Employee is a regular, full-time employee of Employer. Employer and Employee executed a few fixed-term employment