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China Cybersecurity Image

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During the last decade, the Chinese government has rolled out an extensive cybersecurity system. This new system is not what a foreign investor would expect. This new system is cybersecurity with Chinese characteristics. The system is not intended to protect businesses and individuals. Its goal is the opposite; it is

Legal Solutions during the Pandemic

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Harris Bricken international attorney Arlo Kipfer was recently interviewed by Richard Gaskell, CEO of International Education Solutions (IES), regarding legal issues affecting international schools during the COVID pandemic.

As part of his wide-ranging international practice, Arlo spends much of his time on international education issues. Arlo has advised many companies on independent and

China slave labor

By Roberto De Vido*

The Economist recently noted in a column headline that Forced labour in China presents dilemmas for fashion brands. The writer introduced the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), which he described as “a nearly 3m-strong paramilitary-style business in western China” founded in 1954 to provide economic incentives for recently