Finding a China product supplier has never seemed easier. We now have a whole host of both foreign and Chinese online services to speed up this process for you, the buyer. It’s almost like speed dating.

However, as with beginning any serious relationship, you should take it slow.

Qualifying your China product supplier Qualifying your China

There is clearly a demand for English-based and Western-style education in China. An ever increasing number of expatriates choosing to live with their families in China and wealthy Chinese seeking to prepare their children to attend elite universities abroad have combined to create clear demand for suitable schools. Our firm often receives requests to assist

China is in the midst of what appears to be a concerted government crackdown against foreign companies doing business in China. This has led many of our clients to ask themselves (and our China lawyers): “Are we at risk, and if so, how much risk?” Our quick answer is always “yes.  Hard to say.”


In yesterday’s post, we briefly talked about the rash of legal problems lately besetting foreign companies doing business in China and of how foreign companies must avoid the temptation to assume that their Chinese staff have all China legal issues covered.

This post addresses the resistance foreign companies (and their lawyers) often face from Chinese