China Film IP
China Film IP

China film IP is hot.

During the Beijing International Film Festival last month, Mathew Alderson, who heads up our China media and entertainment practice, gave a presentation on China film IP. Presenting alongside Mathew was Tom Duke, Senior IP Liaison Officer at the British Embassy Beijing. This was a special event for the British Film Institute delegation to China.

Topics covered in the presentation included:

  • Top tips for film IP in China
  • The film business as a “restricted sector”
  • Sino-foreign film collaborations and co-productions
  • The UK-China Co-Production Treaty
  • Copyright in China
  • Contracts in China
  • The Internet and digital ancillaries

The UK Government recently published a Factsheet based on the presentation, stating as follows:

Increasing UK-China film cooperation is offering British films access to revenue streams in the Chinese market through a variety of business models. The Chinese intellectual property (IP) system has developed rapidly over the past 30 years. But a number of differences remain between international norms and the structures of the Chinese film industry and IP system. It is important for British companies to be aware of these differences and to prepare accordingly.

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