We started a China Law Blog Group on Linkedin with the goal of creating a spam-free source for China networking, information and discussion. We just today added our 9,000 member. 

I am proud of the absolutely terrific discussions we have within our group, both based on the numbers (a number of the discussions have received around 100 comments and some have gone over 200) and on their substance. Our discussions have ranged from practical (such as, how do I open a China bank account or how do I form a WFOE or what are the best practices for a China Joint Venture or what is the most important thing I should do to succeed at doing business in China) to deep think (such as, what is the future of rule of law in China or what are the differences in how Chinese companies and French companies are run).

Our diversity of membership is also one of our strengths. We have a large contingent of members within China and without. Our members truly come from all over the world. Some members are China lawyers, but the overwhelming majority are not. We have senior personnel (both China attorneys and executives) from both large and small companies and a whole host of junior personnel as well. We have students and we have professors. We have CEOs and we have mail clerks.  We have manufacturers and we have movie makers. This mix only contributes to the high level of discussions.

I am most proud of how no spam item has yet lasted on the site for anything even approaching 24 hours. I constantly get emails from members expressing their appreciation of this and telling us that alone separates us from other groups.

If you want to learn more about China law or China business, if you want to discuss China law or business, or if you want to network with others doing China law or business, I suggest you check out our China Law Blog Group on Linkedin and join up. The more people in our group, the better the discussions. But don’t bother spamming us because your spam will never show up on the site!

Click here and join us. 

  • Terry Newman

    Congratulations. Fantastic source of relevant advice and information.

  • Yun Zhang

    Personally, I enjoyed all the postings and dicussions. We may not all agree on the same thing because of our different cultural and professional backgroud, but I have to say that this is one of the best sources of credible information if one does business in China.

    • That’s EXACTLY what I LOVE to hear. No need for us all to agree, but if we discuss things professionally, we can all learn. You are the exact kind of person we need in the group!