A China lawyer friend just sent me a link to a China Visa FAQs page with the suggestion that our running it might prove helpful to our readers.  He’s got that right.

The post, unimaginatively but accurately entitled, FAQ: China’s New Visa Law, is from Gary Chodorow’s U.S. and China Visa Law Blog and it is exactly what its title says it is: a list of common questions regarding China’s visa laws, with fairly detailed answers to each one.

It is broken out into the following sections:

  • Visas, stay certificates, and residence permits, in general
  • Working in China
  • Unauthorized Employment
  • Students and interns
  • Procedures for Visa applications abroad O
  • Procedures at the PSB exit-entry administration
  • Permanent residence
  • Terms and conditions of stay

If you have a China visa questions, this is the place to start your quest for answers.