China veteran Andrew Hupert (of ChinaSolved) recently did a post listing his daily China reads for business. Andrew puts the following sites on his reader (I too use Feedly) and he says he spends 15-30 minutes a day skimming these sites for China business information.

Though I have no beef with any of the sites on Andrew’s list, I think it is too long by about half. I would therefore suggest that if you are looking for a list of China business sources that you start with the below, but either right away or over time, tailor the list to your particular China business needs.

Here’s Andrew’s list:

China Business Intelligence Sources Basic (news, finance & business)

China Legal

China Technology
China Quality Control and Production
China Culture

What would you eliminate from this list? What would you add to it?  The comment lines (as always) are open.

  • Very excellent list. From the title was actually expecting a book list, but this is just as good! Although, it would be interesting to see your “top 20 books to read for doing business in China” sometime.

  • Perhaps drop China Smack and ChinaHush? They focus on sensationalism and rarely offer much insight.

  • I’d also suggest Asian ProSource in the production section. They’re a little more focused on the entire process, and are especially great for prototyping and custom projects that aren’t easily sourced through the more popular sourcing giants 🙂