No fewer than three readers have emailed me a link to an article in The Diplomat, entitled, 10 Books for Understanding China’s Economy, not having read (or even skimmed) even half the books listed, I could say little more than that I am aware of most of the authors and they are all highly respected. The list was compiled by Pacific Money writer James Parker and it consists of the English-language books he “would recommend for someone seeking to understand the Chinese economy and financial system.”

Mr. Parker’s picks, followed by my own two cents on a few of the choices is below, but you will (and you should) go to the full article here to read more about each book and why it was chosen:

In his article, Parker asks his readers what other books they have found helpful for understanding China’s economy, and I would put the following on that list:

Have we missed any?

  • Vigarano

    You missed Tim Clissold’s “Mr. China”, which I recommend to anyone considering China business. Sure, it’s not business analysis, or an academic treatise, but I’d say Clissold’s experiences are infinitely more valuable in conveying to newbies that China is a wild place where you need to keep your wits about you (which is the raison d’etre of this blog, of course).

  • ester

    Nice post. Very helpful. Thanks.

  • Kolya

    If the list included Chinese-language books, are there any you’d want to add?