A few weeks ago, CLB’s own Steve Dickinson gave a webinar presentation on the legal aspects of China gaming and software development.  Steve’s talk was half of a China IPR SME Helpdesk presentation, entitled, Cultural and Creative Industries: Computer Gaming and Software Development in China.

The Helpdesk described the webinar as follows:

Very few economic sectors have revealed as much economic potential in China as the cultural and creative industries (CCIs). Currently the gaming industry in China is worth 6 billion dollars and it’s still growing what creates great business opportunities. With the increasing ownership of smartphones and developing industry chain, mobile games have become the fastest growing and most competitive segment of the entire Chinese games market. Yet, the complicated landscape of app stores and persistent piracy culture exacerbates challenges for overseas developers. In this session you will learn about how EU SMEs can make the most of China’s huge mobile gaming market, and the steps you must take to protect your Intellectual Property. China lawyer Steve Dickinson and the EU SME Centre expert Mikko Puhakka presented the following topics:

  • China’s mobile gaming market — overview and latest development
  • Market access for foreign providers
  • Adjusting to the Chinese market: popular formats and localization
  • Monetisation and distribution platforms in China
  • Copyright registration for software, games and using the unique Chinese software copyright registration regime
  • Importance of registering trade marks.
  • Potential of registering the patent to protect software’s IP.
  • Pursuing IP infringement

And now it is available for your listening pleasure; if you just click here you can download the presentation pdf and the webinar recording.

Let us know what you think….